COVID19 Precautions

Pete Moore Imports is taking extreme precautions for the safety and health of our customers and our staff. By adhering to strict CDC
guidelines and maintaining a sanitary workplace, we are continually following steps for your well-being, including:


  • Offering Free Pick Up and Delivery of New Vehicles and Service Vehicles utilizing gloves, seat covers, steering wheel covers and
    paper floor mats, as well as wiping down key fobs, shifters, door handles, and common areas in both customer’s vehicles and
    vehicles demonstrated to customers
  • Sanitizing our facilities and common areas with continuouscleaning throughout the day and after-hours
  • Prohibiting staff from dealership should they feel ill
  • Practicing social distancing from other staff and customers
  • Providing virtual demonstrations of requested vehicle


We share your concerns during this time and are confident our website will continue serving as a helpful resource for shopping, researching
and scheduling service.

With a group effort, we will get through this event. We appreciate your continued support as we all do our part to stay safe.